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St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Event Name
Catch a Million to Conquer Kids’ Cancer

Event Dates
April 23rd to April 30th, 2023

St. Baldrick’s Foundation is challenging Twitch and Youtube creators to catch a million Pokemon and raise $100,000 in 7 days to fund childhood cancer research around the world!


Event Page:

St. Baldrick’s Foundation:



A week-long marathon of Pokémon catching in benefit of St. Baldrick’s Foundation, from April 23th to April 30th, 2023.

Every Pokemon. Every Generation. Join us in a marathon towards catching 1 million critters with a Twitch and YouTube integrated app we built for streamers and content creators. From Red and Blue, all the way to the latest release, let’s catch as many as we can. You and your community can help fund childhood cancer research globally so kids battling cancer can have better treatments and hope for cures.

Key Information for Team Captains


  • Raise $100K to help conquer kids’ cancer
  • Catch a Million Pokemon with the Pokemon app


  • Be one of the faces of the event alongside other team captains and the honored children

Allow St. Baldrick’s to share you and your community in press releases and promotional materials

  • Participate in the event – we’ve seen more success with engaged team captains!

Stream, create a video, host mini events – whichever resonates best with your community

  • Create a Tiltify page that can be shared with your community 

People will be able to either donate to your main Tiltify or join your team to create their own Tiltify and have their efforts count towards the team

  • Encourage your community to participate in the event and help with fundraising

They can sign up before and during the event dates at 

The creator kit will include all the information they need to join the event

Key Dates

  • March 31st – Deadline to be included on the next press release
  •  Early April – Press Release & Official Registration Start Date
  • April 23rd to 30th – Catch a Million Event

Sponsorship Information

  • Presenting sponsors are LogitechSportClips and, LF Gaming
  • Top Fundraiser will receive a premium gaming chair from LF Gaming valued at $1,195 USD
  • Logitech will be sponsoring gaming bundles as fundraising incentives (US Only)
  • Each team captain will receive two Logitech gaming bundles for themselves and their community (US Only)

Fundraising Impact Information

  • $100 – Funds 1 day of a medical or college students’ work in a kids cancer research lab.
  • $200 – Funds 10 hours of research to improve patient and survivor quality of life.
  • $500 – Funds 1 day of work that supports kids cancer research in developing countries and gives these kids a chance to survive.
  • $1,000 – Helps pay for 1 child to be treated on a clinical trial which is their best hope for a cure.

Please note that while we have kids ambassadors, the money raised through this event will be directed towards funding kids’ cancer research and not the individual kids

Tiltify Instructions

Step 1: Visit the Catch a Million Tiltify Event Page

Step 2: Create a Tiltify Campaign for your Community

  • Click the ‘Support Campaign’ button
  • This will be your main campaign with personalized campaign goals & milestones

Introduction to Tiltify Dashboard

Tiltify Overlays and Alerts

Tiltify Support

Step 3: Sign in on Tiltify or Create a New Account

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to creat your campaign

Step 5: Share your new Tiltify link to start fundraising!

There are two options for your community members to support your team.

Option 1: Everyone Can Donate Directly on Tiltify

  • Share your campaign link and encourage your community to donate directly to St. Baldrick’s Foundation via Tiltify

Option 2: For Creators & Streamers

  • Tell them to visit the Catch a Million event page and create their own personalized fundraising page:
  • This option will give them their own fundraising page with their own goals, milestones, and alerts. Their efforts will not be added towards your Tiltify fundraising goal but will be included on our leaderboards if they’ve registered under your team in the app.

Introduction to Tiltify Dashboard

Tiltify Overlays and Alerts

Tiltify Support

Option 3: For Community Supporters / Non-Streamers & Creators

  • Tell them to visit your campaign link and click the ‘Generate Amplify Link’ button under the donate button
  • This option will generate a custom link that can easily be shared and will lead to your campaign. Their efforts will be added towards your Tiltify fundraising goal and will be included on our leaderboards in your community’s total.

How to Amplify a Campaign

Tiltify Amplify Instruction Video

Step 6: Please send your Tiltify campaign to our team so we can add it to our team captain’s campaign list on our website!

  • Email:
  • Discord: Florence#0837

Catch a Million App Instructions

This year, the app is browser-based, no downloads necessary! All registrants will receive an announcement when the app is open for the event!


About St. Baldrick’s Foundation

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a volunteer and donor powered charity committed to supporting the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long and healthy lives. Kids with cancer deserve a lifetime and are the heart of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Since 2005, St. Baldrick’s Foundation has invested over $325 million in childhood cancer research grants worldwide. It’s about collaboration. It’s about powerful ideas, big and small. It’s about never giving up until we have cures for all kids with cancer.

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To participate, please email: